Our Ayurveda doctors in Ayurveda Paragon Hotel in Sri Lanka

Our Ayurveda Doctors

Dr. Buddhike Senevirathna, D.A., M.Ac.F., D.Ac. (1.f.l.)

For many guests, he is the epitome of the Paragon and the Ayurvedic art of healing par excellence: Dr. Buddhike Senevirathna, usually referred to as "Dr. Buddhike". As an Ayurvedic doctor in the 8th generation, he virtually took up the knowledge of the healing powers of nature from the cradle. From early age on he learned to appreciate the numerous types of Ayurvedic treatments and the use of natural remedies from his father as well as his grandfather.

Nevertheless, after finishing highschool he originally wanted to become an engineer. Out of respect for his ancestors, however, he decided to complete his training as an Ayurvedic doctor in Kalutara and earned his diploma there in 1994. In addition, Dr. Buddhike also holds a diploma in acupuncture. The Sri Lankan Government twice awarded him with the prestigious title as "Ayurveda Shoorie" and "Vidya Shiromanie Panditha", which signifies him as a very special Ayurvedic doctor.

His career at the Ayurveda Paragon began in August 1996, even before the hotel was opened, when he started training our first therapists. Since then, he is an integral part of our core team. Without him, the Paragon certainly would not be the same.

Dr. Buddhike lives in Meepe, a small village near Talpe, together with his wife, who is also an Ayurvedic doctor, and their son. His late father and Ayurvedic mentor, who practiced until the age of 84, also used to live in the household and visited his patients with his bicycle even in the most remote villages. Quite frequently, the Ayurvedic family council gets together to jointly discuss the best treatment options for difficult cases.

As a devout Buddhist, Dr. Buddhike likes to be involved in social activities and is frequently active in the hotel’s charity project Sahana Seva to meet with the families which are supported by our guests and sponsors.

Dr. Buddhike's favorite motto: Self-discipline!


Dr. Saman Wijayarathne D.S.A.M.S. (1.f.r.)

His full name is Dr. Saman Priyadarshana Wijayarathne, but even just the name of Dr. Wijayarathne creates pronunciation-problems for many of our guests. Hence, let us stick to the short form. Dr. Wijayarathne is a child of the city of Galle, where he attended the St. Aloysius College and completed his A-level exams in the field of biology. He then attended the renowned Medical University of Kelaniya where he graduated as Ayurvedic general practitioner.

In addition, he studied acupuncture and pharmacy and earned a diploma in the field of electrocardiogram (ECG) and in hospital management. He deepened his knowledge of Ayurveda in a special study which exclusively addressed the issue of Panchakarma.

After his studies, Dr. Wijayarathne worked in a government Ayurvedic hospital until he joined the team of Paragon-doctors in 1998. What impresses him most in Ayurveda is the fact that Ayurveda considers the whole person with its holistic approach and that illness can be treated or cured with the forces of nature without side effects. He appreciates his work at the Ayurveda Paragon because it enables him to introduce Ayurveda to people from all parts of the world and to help them improve their health and wellbeing.

Dr. Wijayarathne's grandfather was also a respected and very popular Ayurvedic doctor in the Southern part of the island.

Dr. Wijayarathne's home today is Meepe, a small village near the hotel, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. In his spare time he is a passionate gardener and he cultivates his garden every day. Besides, he teaches children in the basics of hygiene and medicine as a social service. In addition, if and when time permits, the local court makes use of his special skills as a forensic doctor.


Dr. Iresha Sandamali Kaduruwanage (2.f.l.)

Dr. Sandamali studied 5 years indigenous medicine at the University of Colombo. She completed the following 1 year internship in the government hospitals in Galle. Her experience in the tourism sector gained Dr. Sandamali in an Ayurveda Resort in Hambantota. Since November 2017 she is a member of our doctor team in the Ayurveda Paragon.
Her greatest joy in her work is the satisfaction to treat the patients successfully. Her aim is always to find the best treatment for her patients. Dr. Sandamali likes to spend her leisure time with her family and she loves to play badminton.



Dr. Poshini Wanigasekara D.S.A.M.S. (Hon.), D.Ac., M.Ac.F. (2.f.r.)

Yet another one of our Ayurvedic doctors with a tongue-breaking name. In general, she is therefore referred to as "Dr. Poshini". It is with this name that she is known and appreciated by guests and colleagues alike. Born in the South of the island in Matara as the daughter of a music-teacher, Dr. Poshini’s father originally had a musical career in mind for her. But after an outstanding high school diploma at Sujatha Girl´s School in Matara, she decided to seek an academic education.

Hence, she completed her studies in Ayurvedic Medicine at the prestigious University of Kelaniya and graduated in the year 2000 as second-best in her class.

After her internship at a government Ayurvedic hospital, Dr. Poshini initially worked in a private Ayurvedic practice to deepen her knowledge. In 2004, she joined the medical team of Ayurveda Paragon. The hotel’s management enabled the curious doctor to undergo additional training in acupuncture, which she completed in 2008 with a diploma. Now many of our guests benefit from her knowledge and are delighted with her skilful handling of the acupuncture needles.

Asked why she enjoys working at the Paragon, Dr. Poshini will tell you that she highly appreciates the strict adherence to the traditional Ayurvedic specifications and the good cooperation with her colleagues. Quite frequently , our medical team gets together to jointly discuss the optimal treatment for difficult cases.

In her spare time Dr. Poshini likes to travel and explore our magical island and always discovers new, wonderful spots within Sri Lanka. As the daughter of a musician, she began to play Indian classical music on the sitar at the age of 13. For many years, this hobby fell victim to her studies. Fortunately, she has now taken up practice again and who knows, maybe one day our guests will benefit from yet another skill of this versatile young doctor.


Dr. Oshadhie Sandya Piyadasa D.A.M.A.C.f.

The Ayurveda Paragon is one of a very few Ayurvedic hotels which offers 24 hours medical service to its guests. Anyone who has ever had the need for a doctor during the night has certainly made acquaintance with her: Dr. Oshadhie.

Dr. Oshadhie is originally from Weligama, where she also completed her high school diploma. Although everybody else in her family is employed in the educational field, she chose to study Ayurvedic medicine in Kalutara. For that matter, she studied there at the same time as Dr. Buddhike. Besides her diploma in the traditional Ayurvedic medicine, she also holds a diploma in acupuncture.

After an internship at several governmental Ayurvedic hospitals, she learned how to prepare herbal medicine at an Ayurvedic pharmacy in Galle. Later, she worked at private practices in Weligama and Kalutara.

Dr. Oshadhie joined the Paragon-team in 1999 and originally worked during the daytime. As a mother of two young children, she then took over the night duty so that she could be at home with her children during the day. She describes herself as a passionate housewife who likes to keep busy with her homework while listening to the radio. During her night duty, one will often find her reading medical books to broaden her knowledge.

As a long-term member of the Paragon staff, she particularly enjoys the good team-work among all colleagues and the continuity within the Management.