Ayurveda paragon restaurant Team

Our Restaurant Team

Our Restaurant- Executive - Sunil Walgamage (6.f.l.)

His unmistakable feature: perpetual good mood. When being a guest at the Ayurveda Paragon, there is no way to get around this gentleman. Even during the most crowded times he maintains control of “his” restaurant and never loses his winning smile. He always remembers guests’ preferred table, their room-number and even their most favourite food. In self-studies, Sunil has managed to acquire astonishing knowledge of the German language, which he preferably uses to joke with guests (rest assured, he jokes just as well in English language).

Sunil started his career at Ayurveda Paragon in 1996 and learned all about our hotel from the bottom up. His diligence, dedication and his popularity among guests enabled him to be promoted to Restaurant Executive in 2007.

When Sunil is not working, he spends his time with his wife Chandrika and his children Sawan and Isiri in Ahangama, where he has lived since the 2004 Tsunami. By his own description, he is a very modern husband who helps wit household chores and takes care of the garden. When time allows, he takes his children to the beach, which he normally only sees from the distance of "his" restaurant at the Ayurveda Paragon.