Ayurveda Paragon Hotel Sri Lanka - Guest comments, experiences in an authentic Ayurvedic resort in Sri Lanka

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Dear Guests,

we value your open and honest comments, your wishes for your next stay and your recommendations. Your opinion matters to us and the entire Ayurveda Paragon Team looks forward to your suggestions. Let us make the Paragon even better together.

Comment by Anne-Marie+Hubert


Wir waren erstmals für 3 Wochen im Ayurveda Paragon und sind begeistert von der hervorragenden Behandlung und täglichen Betreuung von Dr Buddhike und seinem Team.
Das tägliche Program war abgestimmt auf persönliche Bedürfnisse und umfasste vielseitige Massagen, Bäder, Sauna und Akupunktur.
Die erstklassigen Gebäude erlauben einen angenehmen Aufenthalt ohne Klimatisierung und das Restaurant serviert vielseitige, geschmackvolle Gerichte
Wir kehrten gestärkt und mit neuer Lebenskraft Heim

Comment by Gergana Draganova


I stayed at Ayurveda Paragon for 2 weeks in April together with my brother and his wife. All three of us are already fans of this Ayurveda retreat!
We were pampered all the time by the professional personnel at the hotel and our stay was really worth it!
Every detail and service was on its place - the food, the doctors, the therapists, the various program every day and the beautiful gardens and the safety beach.
Yes, we will definitely come again to fill in
our bodies and mind with relax and energy! Thank you!

Comment by richard Trempe


My stay at Paragon was very pleasant.
My ayurvedic Dr. Mr. Budhiga was excellent.
The treatments were very good.
The food was served in a great variety and really fresh.
The services : kitchen,waiters,cleaning, were also excellent.

Thank you,

Richard Trempe

Comment by Nancy Lagunowitsch


I really enjoyed my time at Ayurveda Paragon. I came in very stressed and grouchy, and left refreshed, relaxed and happy. It believe that the treatments helped me, and I enjoyed the Yoga (especially classes taught by Matthias -- he is excellent). My therapists Kalani and Renuka were also excellent. The food is really tasty and nutritious. I went home a new person!

Comment Claire Edwards