Ayurveda Paragon Hotel Sri Lanka - Guest comments, experiences in an authentic Ayurvedic resort in Sri Lanka

Guest Book

Dear Guests,

we value your open and honest comments, your wishes for your next stay and your recommendations. Your opinion matters to us and the entire Ayurveda Paragon Team looks forward to your suggestions. Let us make the Paragon even better together.

Comment by Nancy Lagunowitsch


I really enjoyed my time at Ayurveda Paragon. I came in very stressed and grouchy, and left refreshed, relaxed and happy. It believe that the treatments helped me, and I enjoyed the Yoga (especially classes taught by Matthias -- he is excellent). My therapists Kalani and Renuka were also excellent. The food is really tasty and nutritious. I went home a new person!

Comment by Roberto & Angela


Nient'altro che i complimenti per la professionalità con cui viene gestita questa straordinaria struttura.
Se quello che cercate è un posto dove prendervi cura di voi stessi, consapevoli dell'efficacia della scienza Ayurvedica ed in mani molto esperte, lo avete trovato.
Peccato che non sia un posto sufficientemente internazionale, ma poco male; si fa conoscenza con tante splendide persone e visto che quasi tutti vengono dalla Germania, si impara anche il Tedesco.
Ho raccomandato questo posto a tutti quelli con cui ne ho parlato.
Grazie Paragon. See you again.

Comment by Lisen Sundgren


In short: I can't wait to come back! The treatments and consultations have been very professional, adapted to my needs and beautifully executed by the therapists. Service amazing - nothing but smiles and kindness everywhere. I am very impressed by how organized everything is which takes a lot of stress of me as a guest. It gave me a chance to go deeply into myself and let go of aches, pains and past worries that have no place in my present life! I am also very happy to have made new friends. The only thing I didn't care for were the yoga classes but perhaps that's just me being used to different styles of yoga. Food was great too. To begin a day with an early morning swim in the lagoon, a long breakfast, spending hours by the pool drinking king coconut and red flower drinks, enjoy a good lunch, relax a bit and then go to treatments for two hours, then enjoy the sunset and finally dinner...that's heaven for me! Also thank you Dr Buddheke for initiating and inviting me to the Sahana Seva project which gives me a chance to help a child to secure his education.
See you all soon again!

Comment by Alexandra Hisom


A therapeutic Ayurveda treatment at the Hotel Paragon is like an immersion into
a world of slow motion. You forget all your worries, obligations and any sense
of time and concentrate completely on the profound regeneration of body and

This happens under the constant care of experienced professionals - physicians
and physiotherapists. The in-house pharmacy and restaurant, serving traditional
local dishes, complement the all-round experience.

I would like to thank everyone at the hotel for such a wonderful experience. The
attentive service staff and the friendly employees; from the gardeners, to the
drivers, housekeepers and room-service team. The German-speaking
guest-attendants were a very welcome bonus for me as a German guest.

To all the readers of this guestbook: Book a treatment at this unique place and
combine it with a tour through Sri Lanka. You won’t regret it. As for me – I
will be coming back soon!

Heartfelt greetings to all of you from a deeply grateful Paragon guest

A. H.

Comment Claire Edwards