Ayurveda Paragon Hotel Sri Lanka - Guest comments, experiences in an authentic Ayurvedic resort in Sri Lanka

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Dear Guests,

we value your open and honest comments, your wishes for your next stay and your recommendations. Your opinion matters to us and the entire Ayurveda Paragon Team looks forward to your suggestions. Let us make the Paragon even better together.

Comment by Sukh & Harminder Tiwana


Just got back from a week at the Paragon.

We had a wonderful time even though a week is a lot less than the time you need for a proper Ayurvedic treatment.

The hospitality was fantastic and the daily treatments wonderful and soothing.

The team at Paragon cannot do enough for you.

The beach is on your doorstep and whilst not a luxurious resort (its not meant to be) the facilities are basic in line with the stress free and relaxing wellness break.

Thank you to all the team that looked after us - from the recpetionists, the restaurant teams led by two great managers and a wonderful chef; the Ayurvedic doctor; the reception team at the Ayurvedic centre; the boys and girls at the treatment centre; the pool boys; the housemaids; the drivers and tour guides; not to mention the chap at the gem stone shop - a true gentleman.

Compared to India hospitality, Sri Lanka does hospitality so much better.

Comment by Andrea R.


Dear Paragon Team,

A few days ago I came back home from my amazing 4 weeks stay at the Paragon

There are only a few words which describes my instant condition:
very relaxed
very balanced and
very happy! :)

The Team is amazing, very friendly and always smiling.
Everybody makes the stay very comfortable and enjoyable!
It is always good to see when a complete team of a hotel knows what they are
doing, and when they work together as a team.
I could feel the geniality and perfection from everybody every day, and you feel
welcomed and at home.

The food is very tasty and very variable, I can´t remember that I have eaten
anywhere else such a healthy and colourful food!
The food is definitely one of the many highlights at the Paragon hotel!

I can only say thanks again for such a beautiful and relaxing stay!

I came back with lots and lots of memories and impressions, and I hope to see
you all again one day!


Comment by Michael Kleberger


Dear Paragon Team,
I have just returned from my first stay at Paragon - 2 wonderful weeks, very kind team, descret and at the same time attentive service, world class cooking, personal, intensive and competent medical care and professional and at the same time very personal therapy. In addition I enjoyed the yoga and meditation offerings, the beautiful location, the charming architecture and intereor and all the little details (like everywhere and every day newly arranged flower decorations) which tell so much about the attitude and love the team is giving all the time. I could continue with praising for quite a while but let me at least mention the music of the sea, the permanent rushing and thunder of the breaking waves which fills the whole place outside and inside and the amazing yoga hall. There will hardly be many yoga halls like this where you can see and hear the sea and the braking waves while exercising.
I will recommend the Paragon on and on and am already looking forward to my next stay.
Cordial greetings
Michael Kleberger

Comment by Rie Hanazono



I've just came back to Paris this morning, and I already miss Sri Lanka!!! :-)

I thank you very much for your kindness.

All the staff is so nice, I enjoy very much to talk with them.

I thank for Dr. Yaminani.
I appreciate her accurate diagnostic and treatment.
It was effective!

Also the therapists are very professional.
Their message was excellent. Especially MARMA MASSAGE, I liked most.

About your restaurant, the meal is superb!
(Tasty, Original, Sophisticated)
The best Sri Lancan ayurvadic cuisine what I ever seen!

I hope to see all of you next year!
Or...if I win the lottery, I would come more earlier!

All the best,

Rie Hanazono-Poirot

Comment Claire Edwards