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Our Kitchen Team

Our Chef Cook - Prasanna Wickramathunga (2.f.l.)

He is one of the cornerstones of Ayurveda Paragon, and the number of his fans is probably just as large as the number of our guests. Mr. Prasanna, our cook and undisputed master of Ayurvedic delicacies.

Mr. Prasanna was among the first staff members when the Ayurveda Paragon was founded in 1996. Together with our Ayurvedic doctors, he developed the recipes for our restaurant. Without the consent of our doctors, not even Mr. Prassana's delicious meals will make their way to our buffet. In his private kitchen however, he does sneak in one or the other "non-ayurvedic" and Sri Lankan spicy hot meal. Mr. Prasanna comes from Matara and enjoys living there with his wife and two children. Unfortunately, both children have different career aspirations and prefer to let their father do the cooking.

What many don't know: Prasanna is an avid jogger, which is probably the reason for his rather slim figure so untypical for a cook. Even with a full house, he will not let a day pass without running for an hour to keep fit.

With his friendly and outgoing manner, he is a popular conversation partner for our guests and is always happy to give away one of his secret recipes for a typical Sri Lankan Ayurvedic meal. His personal favourite dish at Ayurveda Paragon? Pakora, the Indian style vegetables fried in a batter. When asked what he would really like to be able to prepare for our guests, the answer is very easy for him: Pizza! However, this will remain a definite "no no" from our Ayurvedic doctors.