Our Payment and Cancellation Terms

Payment Terms

  • All prices include a government tax of 15%.
  • We kindly ask you to transfer an advance payment of € 500,00 per person and - if applicable -  the air travel cost within the next 14 days after obligatory booking.
  • The remaining balance will be due no later than four weeks before arrival.
  • Payments can be settled via international bank transfer to Sri Lanka or by credit card. Transaction fees cannot be paid by recipient. Accordingly, these fees will be reflected in the total charge for your visit. 


Cancellation and Change of Booking Terms

In case of cancellations, the following cancellation fee plus a service-charge of € 50,-- per booking will apply:

  • Up to 181 days before arrival date we do not charge a cancellation fee but a service charge of € 50,--.
  • 180 to 91 days before arrival date 3% of the total price of booking
  • 31 to 90 days before arrival date 15% of the total price of booking
  • 15 to 30 days before arrival date 40% of the total price of booking
  • 8 to 14 days before arrival date 80% of the total price of booking
  • 7 to 0 days before arrival date 100% of the total price of booking
  • In case of no-show 100% of the total price of booking
  • Please submit your cancellation to us in writing
  • In case of cancellation more than 45 days before your scheduled arrival, a voucher for a cure already booked and paid for may be issued. This voucher will be valid for a period of twelve months and may be transferred to another person. A service charge of € 50.00 per person will be applied per voucher. Deviations in seasonal prices may apply. In case of a shorter cancellation period a voucher cannot be issued.
  • In case of a new booking incl. advance payment within 3 months after the cancellation date we will credit 50% of the paid cancellation fee to your new booking.
  • Of course we will also be happy to accept a substitute guest to take the place of the original booking in case you are unable to take the Ayurvedic cure originally booked for yourself. A service-charge of € 50.00 will be charged in this case.
  • Bookings made with an early booking discount will be considered as new bookings with the applicable season price if travel dates are changed by more than three days.


Flight Bookings and Cancellations

  • For flight bookings made for you, a credit-card fee of 3% will be charged.
  • For cancellations of flights, the general terms and conditions of the airlines apply. The Ayurveda Paragon has no influence on the cancellation fees of airlines.


Cancellation of Round Tours

In case a booked round tour is cancelled less than 4 weeks before your arrival, a cancellation-fee of 60% of the total cost of the tour will be charged.


Early departure

We understand that sometimes circumstances make an early departure from the Ayurveda Paragon necessary.  In the following cases we will reimburse the outstanding days of your cure:

  • verifiable medical reasons
  • verifiable family emergencies
  • emergencies in your home country (natural disaster, fire etc.)


Airport Transfer        

Our transfer from the airport to the hotel and back on your booked travel-dates in one of our air-conditioned mini-busses is a free shuttle service of the hotel for a travel period of minimum seven days. Should you wish to have your transfer in a different vehicle, on a different day or to another destination in Colombo other than the airport, the price has to be determined individually. Transfers to or from the airport which were not used cannot be compensated or used alternatively.


Discount and boni         

The repeater discount will be deducted from the corresponding basic price and cannot be transferred to third parties. Discounts cannot be applied to supplements and special rates. Recommendation bonuses can be applied after arrival of the recommended guest, by mentioning the recommender by name on the arrival card. The bonus will be applied on a future reservation of the recommender. Exception: In case of joint reservation and arrival the recommendation bonus will be applied with the reservation. A cash withdrawal is not possible. Issued vouchers can be cleared on-site at the hotel. Recommendation bonuses are transferable.  


Last updated: July 2016. Subject to changes and corrections without prior notice.

Court of jurisdiction: Galle, Sri Lanka