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Losing Weight Easily at Sri Lanka's Ayurveda Paragon

Ayurveda Paragon: 04.12.2010

If I told you I was going on a trip to an Ayurvedic hotel in Sri Lanka and planned to lose five pounds, get off artificial sweeteners, and learn how to meditate -- all in just one week -- you'd probably say "fat chance."


Prisoner of Bliss

Ayurveda Paragon: 22.10.2010

“How many weeks are you staying here?” asks Dr. Buddhike, one of the Ayurvedic doctors at the Ayurveda Paragon Hotel on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka.


Eine Kur unter Palmen

Ayurveda Paragon: 29.06.2010

Ayurveda ist im Trend - in Deutschland bieten immer mehr Wellness-Hotels Anwendungen an. Dabei stammt die Lehre aus dem indischen Raum. Bianka Echtermeyer ist um die Welt gereist, um Ayurveda direkt auf Sri Lanka auszuprobieren.