Our restaurant and bar serve Ayurvedic meals and drinks.

The Restaurant

Our restaurant spoils you three times daily with exquisite Ayurvedic specialties freshly prepared for you. Our restaurant staff with their unobtrusive, friendly and excellent services make every meal a pleasure. Needless to say, all meals are prepared according to Ayurvedic guidelines.

In your consultations your Ayurvedic physician will recommend which is convenient for you.

Meal times:

Breakfast 07:00am until 10:00am
Lunch 12:00am until 2:30pm
Dinner 07:00pm until 09:30pm

Our breakfast buffet offers, among others, Ayurvedic soups, which are compiled from a variety of herbs, fruit salads and seasonal fruits.

On our lunch buffet you will find, among others, various soups, salads, variations of rice, vegetables (curries), fish, chicken, fruits of the season.

The ayurvedic dinner offers among others clear soups, variations of rice, vegetables (steamed or boiled), fish (steamed or boiled), seasonal fruits.

All meals are served with warm water, which supports the metabolism.
At our tea buffet you can take Kapha-, Vata or Pita tea depending on your doctor's recommendation.

Drinks such as coconut water, fruit juices or teas you can order if it’s recommended by your doctor.

Of course we will serve you special meals if you have individual intolerances.

Weather permitting, dinner will be served under the stars in the garden twice weekly, accompanied by the sounds of local musicians.