Herbs for Ayurveda Treatments

Why Ayurveda in Sri Lanka?

Following modern trends, there are countless offers of Ayurvedic health centres or resorts throughout the Western world. Nevertheless, these are not to be equated with the Ayurvedic resorts in the countries of the origin of Ayurveda. In Sri Lanka, for example, Ayurvedic specialists complete eight years of study. Quite often, they have an additional degree in western medicine. The knowledge of the healing power of plants is lovingly maintained in Sri Lanka. It is often passed on from parents to their descendants and includes not only the knowledge of the herbs, plants, barks and roots, but also the techniques of Ayurvedic treatments. It is obvious that herbal remedies, derived directly from Mother Nature, freshly harvested and processed, have a much more intensive effect during a cure than those which make the long trip from Asia to Europe or elsewhere and which are stored before their use – possibly even enriched with preservatives.

The Origin of Ayurveda

The origin of Ayurveda is in tropical to semitropical climate zones. The principle of it lies in the deep cleansing of body and organism and the disposal of toxic materials. The tropical heat, causing pores to open, obviously increase this cleansing-process in a natural manner. In northern countries with a relatively cool climate, this detoxification functions only partly. And last but not least, for most Westerners it is easier to relax while far away from home, surrounded by friendly, smiling people and Asian hospitality.