Authentic Ayurveda treatments in our Ayurveda Paragon Hotel Sri Lanka.

The Classic Ayurvedic Treatment Methods

Let us now come to the most important part and to what to expect during your Ayurveda cure. Ayurveda is also called “the method of thousand steps”. The number of treatments is nearly unlimited. In general the cure is divided into three phases:

The preparatory stage, during which the bodily waste-products (ama) and excessive Doshas are mobilised with oil-massages and heat-treatments.
The different Panchakarma-treatments will then remove these waste-products and Doshas from the body.
Finally, the purified body is strengthened, the immune system revitalized and you will feel noticeably regenerated.

We will give you an overview of those treatments most commonly used at Ayurveda Paragon. Massages are an essential part of your cure, but they are quite different from western types of massages. Simply relax, enjoy them and try not to compare.


Abhyanga – Body Massage

The aim of Abhyanga massage is to bring equilibrium to the body by harmonizing and stabilizing the Doshas. Abhyanga massage is a gentle but firm whole body massage from head to toe using warm medicated oils chosen according to your constitutional type.  The massage is done in a soft rhythmic way by two therapists massaging simultaneously, achieving intense regeneration, relaxation and detoxification. The organism is supplied with warmth and vitality while cell-regeneration is activated and the body is revitalized. You will feel inner peace, lightness and serenity.


Acupuncture is used as additional treatment to compliment your Ayurvedic cure and can achieve excellent results. It is an integrated part of our Ayurvedic programme and will not be charged separately.

Acupuncture was integrated into Ayurveda thousands of years ago. After all, Ayurveda has had a major influence on traditional Chinese medicine. This knowledge had been nearly lost. Ayurveda Paragon combines the two to a perfect synthesis of natural healing methods. In many cases the use of acupuncture has proven to be a valuable additional support in your healing- and recovery process. There is no extra charge for this additional service.

Avagahana Sweda - Herbal Bath

This bath is one of the most common ways to remove toxins from the body. Herbs and whole leaves, attuned to your constitutional type, are added to the lukewarm water, thus opening your pores and removing toxins.


Small bags filled with a warm herbal mixture are used to massage the whole body or parts thereof, causing an increase of the body heat. This stimulates cell regeneration, loosens toxins within the body and removes excess water. The pleasant warmth soothes and regulates the Doshas.

Sarwangadhara – Warm Oil Shower

Nearly two litres of warm medicated oil are slowly poured over the entire body together with mild massages. The oil has therapeutic effects, warms and detoxifies the body. Also called “Pizzichil”.


Shirodhara, the gentle flowing of oil on the forehead – certainly one of the most famous Ayurvedic treatments of all, whereby warm Ayurvedic oil is gently and steadily poured over the forehead in a continuous stream using a special rhythmic swaying movement.

ShirodaraThis results in balancing the Doshas and a fantastic sense of deep physical and mental relaxation and inner peace. The Shirodhara treatment is highly effective in removing mental stress and anxieties, in treating insomnia and also in curing headache and regulating blood-pressure.
Shirodhara has a very different effect on everyone, on some it shows a very deep impact and may release strong emotions such as depression, aggression or extreme happiness. It is strongly advised to keep the head and ears covered during the entire Shirodhara-treatment. Air condition, ventilators or wind should be avoided just the same as physical strain and stress. Swimming is also taboo during this time. It is of utmost importance to follow the doctor’s instructions during this therapy, as otherwise its success is seriously jeopardized.

Udvartana – Powder-Massage

By mostconsidered to be a very special treat. Literally Udvartana means: massage with powder. After applying a small quantity of oil (in some cases this is also done without oil), a powder consisting of dry herbs is applied by two therapists and massaged synchronously into the skin. This stimulates the skin’s metabolism and the blood circulation.

This listing introduces only a small portion of the countless possible types of treatments. Our doctors compose a personal treatment programme for every guest according to his or her individual constitution. Should this not result in the desired success, they will do further research in the millennia old writings to find alternative treatments for you. Should it be your determined goal to lose weight during your cure, please discuss this with your doctor. He will give you diet recommendations and support you in your efforts.

Body, Mind and Soul

To support not only your physical regeneration, we also offer Yoga-instructions of different Yoga traditions. Yoga is known to assist in achieving harmony of body and soul and is a perfect addition to your Ayurveda cure. It is relaxing, contributes to the inner balance and stimulates your metabolism.

Once weekly a highly respected Buddhist monk visits the Ayurveda Paragon and gives meditation instructions and is available for questions. This spiritual enrichment reflects yet another pillar in the physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Scientific test have revealed that practicing meditation can significantly influence cerebral and bodily functions. Open yourself up to this new experience.